For The Home Buyer

Helpful Information

When you first decide to explore the process of purchasing a property,I will try to excel and use my years of expertise in the local real estate marketplace. I will walk you through the process.

  • You should start with speaking to a mortgage broker and being pre-qualified so you are ready when we find you that "special " property.
  • We will discuss your wish" list and we will explore properties that meet your list. We will search the MLS and schedule showings together.
  • Once you have chosen a property, together, we will determine a price you are comfortable offering and I will prepare the paperwork. From there, I will negotiate . You will need an attorney to approve the agrred upon paperwork.
  • Upon agreement of price and the contract,, the next step is the inspection process. Together, with trained professionals, we determine the strengths and weaknesses, if any, of the property.
  • Financing, if needed, is the next step. You inform your mortgage broker who pre-qualified you, that you are ready to proceed. I will be there to address your questions and concerns.
  • Together, we do a final inspection walk through of the property and go to close!

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Some important information for you as a Buyer:
NYS Property Condition Disclosure,
NYS Disclosure For Buyers and Sellers
Carbon Monoxide Alarms,
Radon Reduction Consumer Guide,
Smoke Detectors,
Lead Paint Information from EPA

About Buyer Brokering

There are choices of Agency Relationships that your broker will discuss and explain to you. Together, you will chose one of three relationships as explained in the New York Disclosure Form for Buyers and Sellers. As a full service agency, we can represent you as buyers Agent and work for you.The Seller often offers compensation to a Buyer Agent.

A Buyer's agent can give you an overall opinion on properties. A Buyer's agent is legally bound to work on your behalf concerning price & terms, and will use all their negotiating skills as your representative and is generally compensated by the seller.

Now, does Buyer Agency Representation make sense? If you need help with the decision please Email or Phone Claudette.

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