Important Home Buyer Questions & Tips

QUESTION: What is the proximity to winter and summer sports, shopping malls, antique shops, churches, schools and cultural events?

TIP: Location, Location, Location

QUESTION: Am I qualified to buy a home?

TIP: Consult a qualified mortgage broker/banker and get pre-approval.

QUESTION: Do I want an old or newer home or do I want to build?

TIP: For one-stop shopping I can show you 2000 listings through 2 Multiple Listing Services, as well as provide a list of reputable builders.

QUESTION: What is the condition of the house I have chosen?

TIP: I have a list of qualified house inspectors and engineers. They can also test for radon, septic, water purity and pests.

QUESTION: Do I need an attorney?

TIP: Yes, a list will be provided to you if needed.

QUESTION: How long will the process take?

TIP: THIS IS UP TO YOU. In order to find your special property I will spend as much time needed from beginning with the search to the closing.

QUESTION: Does the broker's job end here?

TIP: NO. I will contact you to see if you are in need of local services and vendors.